First weather app for Android Auto is here

Weather & Radar USA
2 min readFeb 10, 2023

Weather & Radar USA brings the first, dedicated weather app to Android Auto. Get it in your vehicle today.

Weather & Radar USA is the first fully-integrated weather app for Android Auto, and we cannot wait to be your weather companion on the road. You only need an Android smartphone, a car that supports Android Auto, and the latest Weather & Radar app update.

Simply connect your phone to your car, select the app icon, and the WeatherRadar will appear on your car display screen.

Split-screen mode is also available if your car display supports wide resolution, allowing you to see the weather along your route while using your favorite navigation app.

The WeatherRadar will display clouds, precipitation type, temperatures, and lightning in your vicinity. You can also switch the layer to the RainRadar if you want to focus on precipitation intensity. All layers are zoomable and will update automatically with your location.

Are you wondering what some of the colors mean? The map legend can be found on the Weather&Radar mobile app, with blue indicating rain, pink for snow, and salmon for freezing rain. Yellow circles represent lightning strikes. The darker the color shade the heavier it’s coming down!

The app is also available for Android Automotive, and just in case you thought we forgot about you, Apple users, CarPlay integration is in the making too. We have lots of big ideas, so keep your eyes peeled and let us know what you think!



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